Silver Suede Shoe Spray


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A specialist Suede and Nubuck Renovator.  No look is complete without a sparkling and dazzling footwear to match. This Silver Suede Shoe Polish when applied to your suede footwear, gives

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Silver Suede Shoe Spray

A specialist Suede and Nubuck Renovator. With this Silver Suede Spray on your suede shoes, you keep walking with confidence. It restores the surface appearance and revives the original color. Effectively waterproofs and protects suede, nubuck, and fabric surfaces against penetration of water, rain, and snow. Regular repeat application maintains the protection and colorfastness of the leather. Apply it on suede shoes from Shopwice


  1. Easy to use
  2. Self-shine
  3. Conditions your Black, Coffe, Blue, Brown shoes
  4. Long-lasting

Four(4) Simple Ways to Clean Your Shoes with Silver Suede Spray

It’s really amazing putting on suede shoes. Your appearance will always look stylish and fashionable in them. Most people love keeping up with suede shoes yet avoid wearing them. They are afraid it will wear and tear out easily. This silver suede shoe spray gives you the ability to walk confidently in your shoes. Use it to clean your suede shoes the right way and you will be on top of your footwear styling.  You will need additional tools like a rag and brush. Now let’s see how.

Clean dust with a rag

You will either need one or two rags. This depends on whichever way you are comfortable using. Use the rag to clean off dust when your shoes are too dusty. This will help prevent the brush of the cleaning brush from wearing out easily due to too much dust.

Cleaning with the silver suede spray

  • Clean the suede with the brush on top of the can
  • Lay the second rag on a flat surface and put the shoe on it
  • Shake the sliver polish can well before using.
  • Now, maintain a distance of 15cm to 20cm between the shoe and the spray.
  • Press on the valve to start spraying.
  • Make sure the shoes are dried before you wear them.
  • Keep up with this process regularly and your shoe will always look lively.

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