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Oraimo Smart Watch in Ghana

Oraimo Smart watches have grown in popularity like never before, thanks to their functionality and low cost. They are incredibly smart and simple to use. Loaded with advanced innovative features, Oraimo smartwatches can be used to track fitness, health, location, and more.

With their waterproof nature, users that love to swim or workouts no longer need to worry.  Their IP water-resistant feature and swim-proof design, protect the smartwatch underwater without any damage. For fitness enthusiasts, this smartwatch will come in handy because of its step count, calorie count, and even heart rate monitor feature, which will make you more aware of your daily activities. This scratch and water-resistant feature make them an ideal companion for all of your adventures.

From call function, alarm clock, calendar, and compass to GPS features, and notifications, Oraimo watches will enable you to do more and beyond. Additional features like a heart rate monitor, altimeter and more will make these smart watches your favorite and top-tier in your watch collection

Oraimo smart watches have dial shapes that include a circle, square, rectangle, and even an oval. Some popular Oraimo smart watch models available online include the Tempo w2 OSW-20, Watch 2 pro-OSW-32, OSW-16, and OSW 23N, and you can order the one that best suits your needs. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Oraimo watches are packed with features that can replace your alarm clock, calendar, compass, and GPS. Some of these smart watches are scratch and water-resistant, making them an ideal companion for all of your adventures.

Oraimo smart watch price in Ghana

The price of the Oraimo watch depends on the model you want but with at least 370 Ghana cedis, you can purchase a brand-new Smartwatch. Check the price list of the models we have at the moment.

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