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Avon-Starting over 130 years ago, Avon still remains one of the top health & beauty brands in the world at large. The company has been consistent in its production of perfumes, makeup, skincare, hair care and body care products over the years. Naturals, Solutions, Care, Anew, Little black dress & little white dress has been the main spectrum of Avon. Avon products consist of a wide range of colours, styles, designs that leaves you in a state of bombarded options.

Avon has been duly committed to women empowerment for the last 130 years. They evolved with the evolving trends, yet adhered to their fundamental beliefs as a brand. From that point forward, Avon has developed multifold.

Their motto 'beauty for a purpose' captures a simple truth: when you feel more beautiful, you see more beauty and create more beauty around you. Avon focuses on keeping a tab on the season’s hottest beauty trends and business needs and has cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of its diverse consumer base.

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