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Oraimo Earbuds in Ghana

Explore authentic Oraimo Earbuds on Shopwice and buy online. Oraimo TWS earbuds are the perfect wireless earphones to streamline your music and call with pure bass sound. They come with a variety of features, including Oraimo pure & heavy bass sound, small size, low latency mode, water resistance, dustproof, and noise canceling. With their extended battery life, you will spend more time listening and less time charging.

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    Oraimo Earbuds are designed for good sound, comfort and custom fit. They are in mini sizes but has mighty sound and comes with noise reducing microphones that seamlessly eliminate potential noise allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and calls. Their extended battery life lets you enjoy uninterrupted music up to 43 hours.

    Shop Oraimo wireless earphones at Shopwice. These earbuds delivers incredibly clear music and calls that are powered by Oraimo heavy bass Sound technology. Owing to the transparent Ambient Awareness of Oraimo True Wireless Earbuds, you can conveniently monitor your surroundings at any moment and feel comfortable. Fast pair with your google smart devices seamless  from a pop up notification. 

    What are the best Oraimo Earbuds?

    1. The Oraimo Freepods Pro TWS ANC is a fantastic true wireless earbud that gives you 13 hours of playtime with one charge and 30 hours if you also use the charging case. With ANC on, you have a playtime of 9 hours on a single full charge and 23 extra hours with the charging case. This a great pair of simple wireless earbuds for anyone.
    2. The Oraimo Airbuds 3 and Riff for Comfort TWS Buds are hearty bass in-ear earbuds that are perfect for workouts. The comfortable ear clip with simple controls keeps the earbuds in place for long hours of playback with the combination of earbud playtime and case charging. They help energize your exercise with acclaimed punchy bass and a comfortably secure fit.

    How to pair Oraimo wireless earbuds to your Phone?

    Make sure your Oraimo wireless earbuds are fully charged before using them, and unplug the charging cable first. Take out the TWS earbuds from the case, then press and hold the multi-function buttons on both earbuds for a few seconds and you will see the flashing lights that indicate the earbuds are now in pairing mode.  Ensure that your pairing device is ready to receive new devices and is scanning for Bluetooth signals. You may locate the name of your earbuds to connect to by searching for active devices in your Bluetooth settings. Your earbuds should then be ready for use after you receive a notification that confirms the connection.

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    How to charge Oraimo wireless earbuds?

    Charging Oraimo wireless earbuds is absolutely as simple as ABC. Just place the earbuds back to their charging case and make sure they are on then plug in to your power source If you are trying to recharge your Oraimo TWS earbuds, turn off the earbuds before putting them back in the case. You should also ensure your charging is either plugged in or has enough energy to charge your earbuds. Some earbuds and charging cases use multi-function buttons and lights, so make sure you reach the instructions as each model can have different steps to recharge.