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Loafers  for men

Buy Men's Loafers Online in Ghana


Loafers are low heel laceless shoes made 100% handmade shoes made from genuine leather materials. These materials are carefully and professionally handpicked, and are crafted into gorgeous, chic, and classic women oxfords.

What you have to know about loafers. 

  • Low heeled
  • Laceless unlike oxfords and brogues which has lacing sysytem.
  • Slip on
  • Made of suede, leather and mirror materials
  • Open ankles
  • Flat heels
  • Moccasin like upper vamp
  • Unlike the derbys, they are close lacing shoes 
  • Low Stack Heel: 0.98 in (2.5cm) heel offers an elegant look, perfect for everyday wear
  • Rubber outsole with a leather welt ensures stability and durability yet incredibly lightweight.
  • Soft Breathable Leather Lining
  • Non-removable insole
  • Supporting Every Step with Comfort
  • Hand-made Shoes
  • Brilliant Design

Types and Styles Loafers

  • Penny Loafers: These are comfortable, traditional and classic loafers that delivers straightforward elegance with enduring ease. These type of shoe has a decorative strip of leather with a long thin hole in it on the top part. This cutout leather strap gives it the name penny.  Its a stylish slip on that you can wear with or without socks. The penny loafer is frequently offered in elegant colors like black, blue, brown, grey, camel, etc. They are typically made of genuine leather and suede materials. Like any other loafer, penny loafers can be of high heeled, mid, low and flat heeld. 


  • Tassel Loafers. Tassel loafers feature knotted or frayed laces that hang from the vamp. Sometimes these are functional and act as part of the lacing system. In Ghana, these are usally called "Ring My Bell Shoes" owning the name to the bell-shape of the tassel. This style is formal with minimal decoration and often has leather, suede or mirror exterior. Tassels with perforations similar to brogues but keep the style formal.


Loafers for Men
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Shop loafer shoes from the best local and international brands like Clarks, Gucci, john fester,

  • Kiltie Loafer: The kilted loafer is easily recognised by a flap that is secured over the top of vamp using leather strings or tassels. Some of them sport a bit of broguing as well.
  • Horsebit Loafer: These Mona Flying Oxfords are made with two different leather colors stitching together with one contrasting color being stitched across the instep. It has a brown sitting on a navy blue shoe, wine on black.

  • Driving Shoe: The 3 tone women Oxfords are made with 3 different leather colors stitching together with one or two contrasting colors being stitched across the instep. It has a brown & white sitting on a navy blue shoe, wine & brown on black.

  • 4 tone saddle.    The 4 tone women Oxfords are made with 4 different leather colors stitching together with two or three contrasting colors being stitched across the instep


The beauty of loaers lies in their versatility. Elevate and ensemble your style with loafer shoes for men for any special occasion. They will effortlessly spruce up your looks when you're at the wedding, party, church or at your workplace. 

They can also complement a business casual outfit as well as a business professional depending on if you're wearing a suit coat or not. Loafers are great for upgrading a more casual outfits. 

Price of Loafers in Ghana

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