Yacht Loafers

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Men’s Yacht Loafers

    Today, Yacht returns as a fashion silhouette maintaining its symbol of pleasure.  A pair of Men’s Yacht Loafers is simple and easy to wear and features a plain cut upper with a contrasting sole for added interest.  A very comfortable and extremely lightweight loafer that is perfect for keeping your feet cozy and dry. Yacht Loafers are designed with a leather suede upper and rubber soles.

    Styling your pair of Men’s Yacht Loafer

    Now let’s move like this, it’s a mid-summer and you’re at the polo or a rooftop party some common shoes you should be wearing is men’s suede yacht loafer. Pairing with shorts, chinos or jeans will put your fashion expertise on display. If you choose to wear a yacht loafer with knee-length shorts, it is recommended to go for tailored shorts just above the knee, a belt, and a tailored shirt.

    Also, men’s yacht loafers with jeans have long been a favorite as it allows you to still wear your usual denim but in a more fashionable and dressier way. The rules book here really goes out the window, however, our long advice is to ensure the length of your denim is on the shorter side. Excessively long and baggy jeans will look horrific with loafers. Ripped, selvage and washed jeans are all suitable too. If you can, choose contrasting colors and ensure the top half complements the bottom half.

    Colors of yacht loafers

    we have the

    • black suede
    • orange
    • navy blue
    • blue black
    • camel
    • grey
    • beige white
    • white metal
    •  white
    • sky blue