Our shipping and delivery timeline greatly depends on the product location. Currently, we are shipping from three different countries thus, from the United States of America, Turkey and China. We keep expanding our shipping locations so new product locations will be added in the future. The fastest time you can receive your order is within 3 days and the slowest time is possibly 28 days. This delay can be due to customs delays, pandemics, holiday seasons, flight delays, and unfavourable weather. Shopwice only operates with two shipping methods and these are standard free shipping methods and express shipping methods. Check below the number of days it will take before you receive your order with any selected shipping method and shipping country.

Product LocationStandard Free ShippingExpress Shipping
United States of America 5-15 days4-13 days
China15 to 25 days7 to 21 days
Turkey 15 to 25 days7 to 21 days

Standard Shipping Method

Our standard shipping method absolutely is free and will be free forever.

Express Shipping Method

Our express shipping method utilizes and depends on third-party companies to ensure your orders are delivered on time. Bear with us that you will have to spend a few dollars when you choose the express method. Express orders will be shipped through either of the following shipping companies.

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Turkey Post
  • A custom express shipping company.

Will my orders be shipped together?

Products are usually located in different places, so even if you pay for a number of products at the same time, they’re still going to be shipped separately.
There are a few exceptions, though:
• If you purchased the goods from the same brand they may be put in a single package. Some products may be ready to ship right at the time you made your bulky order. You might sometimes receive the ready-to-ship items first. You will later receive the remaining orders. All within the stipulated time.

How much do I pay for delivery?

At Shopwice, we offer standard free delivery on all orders to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, there are expedited shipping options if a customer wants to trade the express way.

One of the orders is missing from a consolidated parcel! What should I do?

If one of the orders that were supposed to arrive in a consolidated parcel is missing, make sure to get in touch with our support team.
How do I get in touch with them?
By email ([email protected]) or use our contact page Make sure to:
• Describe the issue in detail
• Attach photos of the rest of the items you received and the package with the shipping labels on it
N.B. You have to contact us while the non-delivery warranty is still active. If you already received the package with the same tracking number as the missing item — don’t wait for a separate package or for the non-delivery warranty of the missing product, just get in touch with us right away.
Can my inquiry be declined?
It can if:
• The non-delivery warranty has already expired
• The proof you’ve provided is inconclusive
When do I get my money back?
Your money will return to your card/account within 7-14 days after a refund is issued.

How do I confirm receipt of an item?

To move an order from the Processing section to Completed, you need to confirm its receipt and leave a review.
Here’s how it’s done:
On the website:
Go to My orders.
Select the order from the list.
Click on Yes on the Have you received this order? tab.
Post a review.
On Android/iOS:
Go to Profile by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner.
Select My orders.
Select the order from the list.
Tap Yes on the Have you received this order? tab.
Post a review.

My order hasn’t been delivered yet! What should I do?

On the website:
Go to My orders.
Select the order from the list.
Click on Further Details next to it.
Check the Delivery section at the top of the page.
On Android/iOS:
Go to Profile by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner.
Select My orders.
Select the order from the list.
Tap When will the package get delivered?.
Check the Warranty section.
If it’s been past that date, don’t hesitate to file a refund request by selecting No on the Have you received your order? tab on the same page. You’ll be asked to enter the email address our reply will be sent to.
Can my request be declined?
Yes, in case:
• The warranty has expired. The warranty is active for 14 days since the abovementioned start date — make sure to contact us within that period
• Your parcel was marked as delivered by the shipping company
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