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    Itel is known for its Yam phones packed with strong batteries. From the Power 700 series to the Muzik and It models, Many Ghanaians have come to expect timeless and long-lasting batteries that are used in Itel phones. Where other cell phone manufacturers would buckle under that sort of pressure, Itel consistently delivers for its customers. If you’re in the market for a Yam phone, chances are good that Itel is what you need.

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    Buy your preferred Itel Yam Phone it2173, it5160, and many more at the lowest prices in Ghana. When you shop iTel yam phones on Shopwice, the best online store in Ghana, you get next and same-day delivery and have 30 days to return your if you are not satisfied with your order. We work to make sure original products that are sourced directly from iTel Ghana are delivered to you.