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Desert boots are every man’s casual wardrobe staple. Usually, they are made of soft suede material with special soft crepe soles that are more comfortable for walking than a standard boot. The boots are ankle high and they have 2 to 5 lacing eyelets.

Notable Features of Desert Boots.

  • 100% suede upper
  • The traditional boot has Crepe Sole
  •  Has 2 to 3 lacing eyelets, but the modern type could be 5.
  • Ankle-high boots
  • Ideal for smart, casual, and business dress outfits
  • Slanted ankle cut
  • Desert boots are mostly single-tone with a whole cut toe.


As one of Clark’s notable iconic creations in the footwear industry, Desert boots became popular after World War II when they were worn by the British military in the desert. It took not long and the shoe reached trendy status when they were featured at the 1950 Chicago Trade Fair by Clark’s.  From there, the shoe’s popularity exploded in global cultures. The shoe has become a staple, and parabolic casual, smart, and business wear.

Today, desert boots take on many different variations and warps, manufactured by many designer brands and small businesses around the globe. Very versatile, durable, exquisite, and comfortable always, the footwear is a highly popular model for both men and women of all generations.  Amongst the most acclaimed types of desert boots are leather desert boots which are mostly referred to as chukka Boots.

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