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Socofy Wedge Sandals

Socofy shoes

Genuine leather handmade shoes for women


We believe in traditional craftsmanship.

Socofy stands for “So Comfy(comfort)“. This is no doubt that customers around the world love it. Socofy is a fast-rising women’s shoe brand originating from China that brings craftsmanship to life. Socofy shoes create artistic and romantic impressions with casual fashion details. They are perfect for ladies looking for craftsmanship that integrates romance, freedom, travel, and uniqueness.

SOCOFY Women Shoe Genuine Leather Butterfly Embroidery High Boots Heels Pointed Head Chunky Heel Zipper Retro





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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Socofy made?

You have asked a great question. I’m sure you will not believe it if I tell you that Socofy shoes are made in China. Yes. It’s a Chinese brand label. Like you always say, not all Chinese products are bad. Customers who purchased Socofy shoes are very delighted about the product’s value for money. This clearly justified the many high ratings customers have left on the socofy shoes on Shopwice, Amazon, and other review websites.
Also,  another question that comes to mind when talking about this women’s brand is,

Who makes Socofy Shoes?

This fast-growing women’s shoe brand is owned by Socofy,  a subsidiary of Newchic. Newchic is the manufacturer of Socofy. It was first manufactured in 2016.

Not only that, but let’s move to your next question.

What are the best Socofy Shoes?

Talking about the best of socofy shoes is like the content of a video I recently watched on Facebook. In the video, unknown parents left their kid boy in the middle of a road with each taking different paths. The kid was stranded in the middle. He started following the mother but paused and started running towards the father until the father stopped to embrace him. The test was to choose the favorite parent. it was a difficult situation for the kid.

As you will see from the reviews page, every single one of footwear has got a better review. So to go for the best, you have to rely on your personal intuition as all shoes from this brand are good for every casual style.

Where to buy socofy

Well, it is like food is served and you’re still complaining of hunger. There are only a few places where you can buy Socofy and most importantly, at the best price. The first on the list is Shopwice. We have all the types, designs, and colors of socofy shoes available for sale. With free shipping to the United States and 7 days return, you are always golden at shopwice. Our multiple payment options give you extra peace of mind when completing your order at the checkout.

 Review Ideas

As I said earlier, Shoppers around the globe already love Socofy Shoes. They have shared a lot of ideas about this brand. I will show you the most common of these customer reviews in the next bulletin.

  1.  They are comfortable
  2. Good quality
  3. Nice
  4. Really fun sandals
  5. Wonderful
  6. Really cool leather
  7. Darling and comfortable
  8. Super cute and comfortable
  9. Beautiful unique boots
  10. Great and comfortable
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