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Westpoint Rice Cookers In Ghana

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    Technology is constantly evolving and thus often makes it confusing to differentiate one product from another or to choose the one that best fits your requirements. This is where Shopwice steps in. At Shopwice, we not only understand the latest in tech but also translate them to use cases that match your needs! Our technical experts are committed to providing solutions that are curated especially for you. We believe a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come. So, here we are, to help you pick the best Westpoint rice cookers that fit your budget and requirement!


    Why Should You Choose Westpoint Rice Cookers?

    Westpoint is a well-known brand in electronic appliances for their quality. When it comes to rice cookers, Westpoint has one for everyone’s needs. Westpoint Rice Cookers come in a wide array of sizes and designs. For small and larger capacity cookers. Single people can choose the 1.8 liters while larger families can go for the 5.6 liters. These Westpoint Rice Steamers and cookers are lightweight and easy to carry, and they are ideal for cooking in small quantities that a baby would need.  The Westpoint Automatic Cookers come in assorted colors that appeal to the younger generation. For multi-cooking needs, there is the ultimate cooker which cooks up to 1.25 Kg of rice and comes with five different accessories which are a steaming basket, dish separator pan, Idli stand, Idiyappam stand, and pasta maker. Just like their variety, Panasonic electric rice cooker prices are also wide-ranging.


    Apart from quickly steaming or boiling rice, one can also use the Westpoint Cookers to prepare excellent dal, soup, pizza, pancakes, and boiled eggs, pulao. Some people cook fish and meat in a rice cooker as well. With auto cooking and auto cut-off feature, cooking in a Westpoint automatic rice cooker can be done in a hassle-free manner.


    Westpoint appliances, including Westpoint Electric Cookers, are made with eco-friendly materials, and they are RoHS compliant. They also offer protection from shock and guard against power fluctuations.


    What makes Westpoint a Popular Brand?

    Westpoint is over a 100-year-old multinational brand with its headquarters in Bordeaux – France, France. The company is involved in developing high-quality and innovative products with the latest technology. It manufactures numerous electronic goods and home appliances that make our lives convenient and comfortable. Westpoint develops new products which offer a solution to the customer and contribute to value improvement.


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