Mona Flying Pumps

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Explore our collection of Mona Flying Pump Shoes for women available for sale on Shopwice and buy online. Mona Flying Pumps are handmade leather shoes for women with a low-cut front. Their construction is simple as they use a whole cut leather lop with a low vamp. They are in-lined with breathable plain pig skin and trimmed with a braid at the opening. The soles are glued onto the bottom in a traditional unique way. With a shallow slit, the flap of the cowhide is lifted around the edges to recess and hide the stitching. This makes them look more elegant and comfortable for wearing.

Mona Flying Pumps Vamp Design Styles

Mona flying pumps has their toes closed in a pointed closure.

Mona Flying Women's Leather Pumps

Mona flying women's leather pumps are classic shoes with low heels that are crafted with the hand. They are 100% made of animal skin including cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, and calfskin as well. Their durability is timeless

How to wear

Feel like a chic lady on every dressy occasion. Chase business with Mona Flying Pump Shoes high on your heel and conquer your world. They are a great fit for both formal and usual business sessions. Be sure to always impress your colleagues with them. Match them with jeans, trousers suits, and skirts. Look savvy in a casual yet absolutely stylish ensemble. Tune up to elegancy and match a black mona flying pump with a white coat on a black bodycon dress. Also, pairing the beige colors with white outfits will make you look outstanding in a refreshing and classy. Pair the brown pump heels with black pants or a black suit. Brown also matches well with rust, orange, and yellow, as well as green, purple, and white