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About the Brand Jerry Power

The Jerry Power brand is from the Guangzhou Sowangny Company limited. The company specializes in the production and selling of home theatre system speakers, woofers, LCD TV, and LED TV. Sowangny manufactures woofer speakers including channels 2.1, 3.1. 5.1. These home theatres are sold in different countries and continents of the world including Ghana and America. As it has been attributed to Chinese brands, Jerry Power home theatres are the opposite. The production chain starts with attention to quality as a major objective. It utilizes state-of-the-art production facilities, unique techniques, strict inspection measures, and long-term practice to produce a series of exquisite woofer speakers recognized by superior quality, prompt supply, sincere service. This has held an excellent reputation among customers. Read more at the Sowangny website.

All products under the Jerry brand you should be aware of.

Jerry Power has many products on the market and I will be letting you know about all these models here with their unique features. In fact, it is a product of technology and the crystalization of art. Here are the series of models of Jerry power home theatres

Speaker 2.1 Channel

  1. JR-D2
  2. JR-R
  3. JR-Y2
  4. JR-F2

Speaker 3.1 Series

  1. JR-X3
  2. JR-B03
  3. JR-J03
  4. JR-AO3
  5. JR-F3
  6. JR-M3
  7. JR-Q3
  8. JR-Y3
  9. JR-D3
  10. JR-W3
  11. JR-E3
  12. JR-N03
  13. JR-V3
  14. JR-LO3
  15. JR-D03
  16. JR-O03
  17. JR-U3
  18. JR-S03
  19. JR-NH3
  20. JR-301
  21. JR-VH3
  22. JR-302

Speaker  5.1 Series

  1. JR-D5
  2. JR-F5
  3. JR-R5
  4. JR-Y5
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