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The rice farmers in Ghana were proud to announce the debut of the Benjie Long Grains Fragrance Rice. 100% long grain with sweet scent aroma. It can be used for Waakye, Jollof, Fried Rice or that special meal you want to make. An authentic and deliciously aromatic offspring of the legendary Ghana Rice’. Over the past decade, the collaborative efforts to grow and eat Ghanaian produced rice is evident in Benjie Rice. From the lands of Ghana, this fragrance rice is proudly produced with careful attention to quality and strict following of GSA standards.

Available in 5kg and 25kg, the Benjie rice is able to cater to small and large groups.

Get Benjie rice at wholesale price for bulk purchases. A good deal of GH₵180 for 25 kg (5 x 5 kg or full 25 kg).  Call us at 0572636517 or email us for bulk purchase and delivery arrangements.

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