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Electric Fufu Blender Machine/ Multipurpose Food Processor

Thanks to the Electric Fufu Blender Machine, Africans(Ghanaians) can now prepare Fufu with ease. In fact, this is a portable Fufu pounder machine. My Ashanti brothers don’t have to worry about eating Fufu whiles they are outside of their home anymore. No more wooden pestle and mortar because you’ve got a Fufu blender. All you will need is your cooked cassava and plantain, then you’re set to prepare your fufu without any (tim tim) noise to disturb your neighbor.
Effortlessly, it helps you pound fufu in less than 5 minutes. Using this Electric fufu blender machine is very gentle and low-key. No one has to know you’re about cooking fufu. You just pound, blend and eat in your room, store, hostel, or office.

The Fufu Blender was not only designed to ease the preparation of fufu. It’s an expert in pounding and blending fufu whiles grinding, and mixing meat, vegetables, fruits, and other hot pot ingredients like yam, cassava, plantain, cocoyam.

Fufu Pounding Machine Details

  • Colour: Silver and Black
  • Volume: 6 litres
  • Two speeds option for different ingredients.
  • Blades: 4 stainless steel Stools.
  • Motor: Aluminum Motor
  • Rated power: 1000w

Additional Details

  • Suitable for meat, Yam, Cassava, fruit, peanut, walnut, bean, and so on.
  • Stainless Steel compact body design, nice looking, easy to wash, and operate.
  • Speed: High / Low 2 Level
  • Motor revolution: 8000 rounds per minute
  • Very durable and efficient as well

Fufu Blender Manual

This manual takes you through setting up and using the Fufu Blender Machine.

How to set up the Fufu Pounding Machine

The Fufu pounding Machine comes in lots of parts and you have to bring them to a usable state by assembling them in the right way. The fufu blender parts have been listed below.

  1. Pure steel knife slices(blades)
  2. Safety lid
  3. Head safety protection
  4. Pure copper motor
  5. Stainless Steel/Bowl
  6. Non-slip Mat
  7. Fast and slow gear push button. fufu machine assebling diagram

Assembling the product

Assembling the fufu blender very easy follow. Just follow the product schematic diagram in the image above and you successfully assemble the fufu machine.

How to use the Electric Fufu Machine

  1. Thoroughly clean the parts before the first use of the product.
  2. Get your cooked yam, cassava, plantain, and cocoyam ready, and install the stainless steel.
  3. Insert the blades inside the bowl
  4. Add the fufu ingredients to the bowl. Make sure you blend each ingredient separately. Thus, only plantain or cassava in a single blend.
  5. The cassava or plantain should not exceed half the capacity of the blender
  6. Cover it with the transparent lid cover.
  7. Place the motor seat on the transparent cover and make sure it is locked.
  8. Now, connect to a wall socket and you’re good to go.

Use the slow and fast buttons at the handle to control its operation. Stick with the fast gear for easy operation. Now, you have learned how to use the fufu blender, go ahead and start preparing fufu right away

Safety Measures

  • Please cut the power after use and remember not to touch the lid with water.
  • Clean the appearance of the cup body and wipe it clean cloth.
  • Use boiling water to disinfect completely every time.


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