Binatone Bls-360 Blender/Smoothie Maker


Staying strong requires that you eat balanced meals. To help you with setting up these dinners accommodatingly; you need the right machines and that is binatone bls-360 blender/smoothie maker

Binatone Bls-360 Blender/Smoothie Maker

The Binatone BLS-360 Blender/Smoothie Maker is an unquestionable requirement to have a kitchen machine for each home. It is a sheltered and solid method of mixing and crushing food in the kitchen. It is superior to the old and unrefined method of pounding pepper in our homes. Remaining solid necessitates that you eat adjusted dinners, to assist you with setting up these suppers helpfully; you need the correct machines. This Binatone Blender/Smoothie will make food getting ready outright fun!

We have various kinds of food that should be set up in different manners. It very well may be utilized to set up your preferred natural product juices, milkshakes, and different mixed drinks. In the event that you are an espresso darling, it will assist you with crushing your espresso beans, seeds, nuts, dried organic products, meats, coconuts, and flavors. It has been outfitted with the office to include fixings during the mixing and creation of smoothies. String stockpiling after use.

The Binatone BLS-360 blender has a 2‐speed level control and another speed level for extra solid mixing. This blender can be utilized in homes, lodgings, and eateries. Shop more blenders on Shopwice.

Product Details

  • Efficient Blender with separate Smoothie maker
  • 1.25L unbreakable blending jar with lid
  • Stainless steel blade on both jar and cup
  • Make delicious healthy drinks to fit your active lifestyle
  • 0.5L unbreakable drinking cup with a spill-proof lid and carry handle
  • Safety lock design and motor overheat protection




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